How Small Businesses Can Improve The Digital Employee Experience In Hybrid Working

Hybrid working in the post-Covid era seems to be here to stay. A few pertinent issues come to mind when planning for and organising the right hybrid work set-up. The objective is to boost productivity and enhance employee wellbeing. It takes a lot of planning to improve the digital employee experience. Research shows that employees feel very strongly about remote work and want the best experience possible. 35% of employees would be more likely to search for a new job if they were required to return to the office full-time.


The right type of inclusion and enhanced productivity for the hybrid worker is key. As employees become less physically centralised less focus is on in-office perks. Small business owners should provide technology experiences that make the employee experience a positive one. Company perks are now reinvented as focus is on attracting and retaining staff geographically dispersed. However, many employees are underwhelmed by their current technology and remote work experiences. 42% of employees say they lack essential office supplies at home, and 1 in 10 don't have an adequate internet connection to do their job.

Some companies can start analysing experience data i.e. measuring and understanding how employees feel about a range of topics to better the employee experience. Data on time spent in meetings per week or number of messages sent can help employers better understand the full scope of the employee experience to make informed decisions about how to improve the overall workplace experience.

Those "pulses" can be conducted at least quarterly. The whole range of experience data can help management better manage resources or processes or invest in new ones to bring together teams that feel more connected and engaged.


Small businesses can consider setting up an employee experience platform that seamlessly integrates with existing technology and tools to recreate company culture by creating connections, adding company knowledge and insights, capturing feedback, and providing recommendations. The employee experience platform will facilitate learning and sharing and sharing and improve the individual employee’s wellbeing. The small business owner and managers should have a listening ear and shape their policies and targets accordingly.


Great care must be taken so that the right coordination is carried out to connect with remote team mates so that no one gets left out of small exchanges and minor decisions made by those who are working together in the office. Focus should also be on social connections between hybrid workers with tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or Slack. Professional networking and mentoring should still thrive so that employee progress and psychological wellbeing are nurtured.


The right balance between collective creativity and individual creativity should be maintained during hybrid working. People can brainstorm via Zoom but more time should be allowed for fluid conversations and socialising when we bounce ideas off each other or work together intensively on solving a problem. Quiet time alone too should be favoured as the small business owner gives room to the employee's creative thinking and alone time for generating novel ideas and insights. The right technology can bring together all employees at different stages of their creative process.


Here, at Associate Planet, a boutique IT and technology consultancy, we help small businesses create the ideal set-up for hybrid working with focus on productivity and employee wellbeing. We use technology to improve lives for businesses such as yours. It's all about improving the digital employee experience in times of rapid changes for the community. For more information, please call Richard today on 07831 196534 or email

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